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Leadership Development

Business Strategy Aligned Programs

Leaders need a toolbox of skills and competencies to effectively create value and further the development and growth of their business and people. Often, the skills that earned a leader their position are not the same capacities required to lead.

Points Ahead provides training in essential leadership skills to bridge this gap and strengthen organizations as a whole. By sharing development a group experience, leaders can discuss skills application in a real context. The leadership group can collectively identify trouble spots where leadership capacities will be most challenged by business circumstances. Leaders will also identify the organization’s core values and ways to create processes from values as part of the learning experience.

Leadership Development in the Non-Profit Arena

Points Ahead offers targeted development training for non-profit managers as groups and individual coaching specifically to address the challenges and issues unique to non-profit leadership and management.

The Non-Profit Context

Non-profits are often organizations with few staff members and limited budgets working to relieve or solve a critical social concern. Leadership responsibility is shared between the board – usually a volunteer commitment filled by people from corporate backgrounds – and executive staff.

Leadership is challenged by two tensions:

Immediate Response Coaching

Immediate Response Coaching is short term and focused coaching services to help non-profit leaders manage unforeseen circumstances. A crisis, disrupting event or personnel situation can create leadership challenges that demand more resources than the leader is prepared to provide. Points Ahead can guide leaders through these circumstances to reach an optimal conclusion while developing skills and capacities that will be useful in other circumstances.

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